Take the fun, education, and learning from STREAM home with our new STREAM Kits! Each kit contains plenty of fun activities and games that will greatly enrich your learning experience!

The following kits are available:

Electro Dough Kit

Make your creations light up with Electro-Dough! Your kids can learn the basics of circuitry by making their own creations and experiments with conductive play-dough. Place a hold

Lego Maze Kit

This kit can teach kids as young as 5-6 the basics of coding! Help navigate a Lego figure through a maze by using computer coding language. Place a hold

Math Kit

Help your kids develop a strong foundation in math with these kits! These kits include learning activities and games to teach children basic concepts like addition & subtraction, to more advanced concepts like prime numbers. Place a hold

There are three of these kits available: 

  • Preschool
  • Early Elementary
  • Later Elementary/Middle School
Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is a perfect entry point into the world of Virtual Reality! Play exhilarating games or explore wonderful locations, and learn how to interact with a virtual environment. Place a hold

Sphero Elementary Coding Kit

Learn basic programming with Sphero! This kit includes a handful of activities and games that use Sphero and basic JavaScript programming to develop problem-solving skills. Place a hold

Dungeons & Dragons Kit

Embark on a new adventure with your friends and family! D&D is a very fun role-playing game that involves a lot of laughter and requires strategic, tactical thinking and problem-solving skills. Place a hold


To place a hold on a STREAM kit, click this link (for the D&D kits, click this link).

Once you find the item you want, click the Place Request button beside the description (example circled in red below).

You'll need your library card bar code to log on to TRAC and place a hold. Enter it without any spaces. Your password is typically the last 4 digits of your phone number.

STREAM kits can only be picked up from and dropped off at the High River Library. They cannot be shipped to other libraries.

Please ask our staff for more info on how to sign the STREAM Kits out.