Summer Reading Club

That's a wrap on Summer 2022! 

Thanks so much for joining us this summer and we look forward to seeing you again in programs throughout the year. Check out our events calendar to see what's going on at the library!

What is the Summer Reading Club at the High River Library?

It's a fun day camp for kids! Take a couple of hours each day and venture into magical realms where fantastic creatures roam and anything can (and will) happen. Discover the science behind stories with hands-on activities and a focus on building skills. Play games inspired by fairy and folk tales, old and new and from far and wide, as you journey through suspenseful twists and turns. 

Why join our Summer Reading Club? 

Investments in summer reading and learning programs are key to helping kids be successful in academic achievement. Summer reading programs are a proven tool to help bridge the summer gap between school years and to maintain and build reading fluency.

And more than that, the TDSRC inspires kids to explore the fun of reading their way—the key to building a lifelong love of reading.

Registration for the Summer Reading Club opens each year in June.