Sign up for reading challenges with Beanstack!

With the Beanstack app, you can log how many hours you've read in a day, or what titles you've read. You can also complete activities and write book reviews for a chance to win awesome prizes! Beanstack is available for iOS and Android, or via web browser. Detailed instructions for setup are written below.

First-Time Setup for iOS/Android

  1. Install Beanstack from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Beanstack app.
  3. Press Let's Go!
  4. Choose At my library, school, or bookstore.
  5. You can scroll through to see tips on using Beanstack. Press Find a Site.
  6. Search High River Library and choose High River Library (AB CAN).
  7. At the bottom of the screen, press Sign up.
  8. The app will guide you through the registration process. You may choose to create your own reader profile, or create one for a child. *Please note, the reader's age and grade level will affect what challenges they are able to participate in.
  9. Once you've created your reader profile, you can now register for reading challenges! Select one or more challenge, and then press Continue.
  10. You can choose to add another reader to your account by pressing Add Another Reader, or you can move on by pressing I'm done adding readers.
  11. You are now ready to start logging your reading and completing challenges!

First-Time Setup via Web Browser

  1. Go to
  2. Click Find a Site.
  3. Type High River Library in the search bar and click on High River Library (AB CAN).
  4. Click on Register an Individual or Family.
  5. You may choose to register yourself, or to register your child. If registering for yourself, click I am registering myself. If you're registering on behalf of your child, click I am an adult registering a child.
  6. You will need to input the following information: First name, last name, username, email, phone number, password, age, and grade level. When finished, click Next.
  7. You may now register for challenges! Select one or more challenges to register for and click Next.
  8. You may choose to add additional readers to your account (children and adults), or you can move on.
  9. You are now ready to start logging your reading and completing challenges!