Art Exhibit Agreement

Are you a local artist, photographer, or creator? Consider exhibiting your work at the High River Library.

Artwork is exhibited for a one-month period in the lobby area of the library or on top of the built-in shelving in the library interior. If you're interested in arranging an exhibit, please contact the library via phone at 403-652-2917, email, or by filling out the form below.

Basic Conditions
  1. The library takes a 20% commission on all sales made during the exhibit. Art, however, is not required to be for sale.
  2. The artist is responsible to have their work to the library, in a condition suitable for display, by the setup date.
  3. The artist may arrange to have a reception during regular operating hours of the library. Please make arrangements with library staff in advance.
  4. The artist is responsible for setting up/taking down their artwork. No holes are to be made in the walls. There are small stands available at the library to set up work on bookshelves, but the artist is responsible for providing any specific display supports.
  5. Two (2) copies of an itemized list of works on display must be submitted to the library.
  6. If desired, the artist may email a brief biography and artist's statement to the library.
  7. All works should have individual labels including title, medium, artist's price or a not-for-sale notice.
  8. The artist acknowledges that the exhibit will be open during regular library hours as well as during any after hours events/rentals and that the display areas are not directly supervised.
  9. The artist is responsible for insurance coverage of their works during the exhibit.
  10. The High River Library shall not be liable for any injury to the artist, their personnel, agents, or employees or for any damage or loss of the artist's work, equipment, or other personal property arising out of the exhibition, the mounting and/or any other activities involved in the preparation and/or presentation of the exhibit. The artist agrees to assume all risk of damage to or loss of their work from whatever cause. The artist further agrees to release and hold harmless the High River Library, its directors, employees, and volunteers from any and all liabilities and damages to works of art and/or persons as a result of the artist's participation in the exhibit.