Preschool Literacy Kits

Enrich your preschoolers' education! Take the fun and learning home with our Preschool Literacy Kits!

The following kits are available:

Get your hands on some cookie-themed books and try out a cookie recipe (with adult supervision). View in catalogue

*Due to Covid restrictions, this kit does not come with real, edible cookies :(


Crawling, climbing, leaping and flying! Take a peek inside the world of insects and bugs! View in catalogue


Polar bears, penguins, snowflakes, snowman stories, chilly weather, and more! View in catalogue


Watch out for the ssssneaky, sssslithery ssssnakes in this kit! View in catalogue


Keep the fun and education going - bring school to your home with this exciting kit! View in catalogue


Don your spookiest costume and read stories about witches and... Scooby-Doo acting like Frankenstein?! View in catalogue


Summertime: Most students' favourite time of the year! Have some fun under the sun with this exciting kit! View in catalogue


Learn about some really cool jobs, like Firefighters and Police Officers! View in catalogue

The Sea

Giant waves, sea creatures, and lots of splishing and splashing! Take a peek under the sea! View in catalogue


Once upon a time, dinosaurs ruled over the Earth! See what it's like to hang out with dinosaurs! View in catalogue


Music makes the world go round! Make some noise with this music-themed kit! View in catalogue


What type of library would we be if we didn't have so many amazing books? Master your ABCs and learn more about the library's awesome books! View in catalogue


Spring is the most colourful season of the year with so many blooming flowers and cool animals and bugs! Embrace the Spring season with this literacy kit! View in catalogue


Do you know your five senses? Get to know more about sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing! View in catalogue


Once you find the item you want, click the Place Request button beside the description (example circled in red below).

You'll need your library card bar code to log on to TRAC and place a hold. Enter it without any spaces. Your password is typically the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Literacy kits can only be picked up from and dropped off at the High River Library. They cannot be shipped to other libraries.

Please ask our staff for more info on how to sign the Literacy Kits out.