Wine Survivor 2022 Rules


  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the contest. Ticket buyers MUST NOT write the name of a person on the raffle ticket who is under the age of 18. Ticket buyers must be residents of Alberta.
  2. Beginning November 1, 2022 a maximum of 800 (200 $20 tickets and 600 (200 sets of 3) immunity tickets) tickets will go on sale. Sales will end at 7:30 pm on November 30, 2022 or sooner if tickets sell out.
  3. Your entry will not be entered into the draw if your wine and payment are not received before November 30, 2022 at 7:30 pm.
  4. The value of all prizes is based on the number of entries sold. All prizes will be awarded.
  5. The number of survivors eliminated each round will be determined based on the number of entries sold.
  6. If your ticket is drawn, you are ELIMINATED from the contest.
  7. If you purchased immunity tickets, your name will be entered back into the draw after that day's names are drawn. Maximum three immunity tickets (one set of 3) per entry bought at the time of purchasing entry ticket, and those immunities protect only that particular entry.
  8. You agree to provide your full name, phone number and email for the entry ticket.
  9. There are 2 ways to register. (1) Fill out the online form or email Then send an e-transfer (Payee: Town of High River Library Board, Email: Pick up your tickets and drop off your bottle of wine at the High River Library by November 30, 2022, OR (2) register in person at the High River Library at 909 – 1 St. SW, High River, AB.
  10. The Friends of the High River Library will post eliminated and winning names on Facebook/Instagram and inform contestants via phone or email after each draw. The winners have three months to claim their prizes and must provide the matching ticket and government issued ID to claim their prize.
  11. The winning survivors will be notified at the email address and/or phone number provided at registration.
  12. Arrangements will be made with the winning Survivors to pick up their winnings

For more information, please contact

The Friends of the High River Library Wine Survivor fundraiser is being conducted under AGLC licence #615691

All profits go to the Friends of the High River Public Library Society to contribute to library collections, programs, and services.