Library Board

The 2017-2018 Library Board:

  • Jim Graham - Chair
  • Heather Meszaros - Marigold Representative 
  • Robert Lam
  • Eunice Schmuland - Secretary
  • Dianne Put
  • Terry Storch - Vice Chair
  • Lynne Thornton
  • Joanne Urquhart - Treasurer
  • Darlene Goodwin
  • Cathy Couey -Town Council Representative

Terms are for 3 years and the board is appointed by the Town Council. The terms have staggered expiry dates so that there are three vacancies each fall.

Trustees are expected to:

Be regular users of the library and encourage membership.

  • Actively take part in decision making.
  • Attend most of the 10 regularly scheduled board meetings a year, held on the third Tuesday of each month.
  • Serve on committees.

An application form is available on the Town website, the Town Office and the library.